I am a graduate student currently in the phase of working on my thesis and figuring out what I want to do with my life next. Being a Gemini(hell yea, I believe in this shit) I am pretty passionate, inconsistent (and sometimes unfair) with my thoughts and feelings. On my best days I could crack up a room full of grumpy, snobby old grandpas, however there are days when I want to just throw it all away and run to the Himalayas. I would say I am an ambivert who likes good company(mainly on the weekends) with a special preference for people who have the magical power (read:sense of humor) but who are just as good companions to get drunk with discussing and brooding over the hardships of life. I am a ’80s and ’90s movies, thriller novels and ice-cream junkie who thinks when things get out of hand and this world seems like a dark dark place, the best thing a girl can do is lose herself in a That ’70s show marathon (lonely Christmas holidays well spent! YEAH !). Music holds a very special place in my heart and I completely agree with the idea that ‘a playlist can say a lot about a person’. Hence, I shy from playing music from my phone when my friends come over and I just pretend to be a DJ and play their requests. Well, if you stick around a bit longer, I might just reveal my sacred playlist here (damn right I won’t ! But I know you would stick around anyway, the…the..cutie that you are – ok, not my best line..you’ll agree later )

So, what else ? Recently I have been getting this feeling of not being in sync with my thoughts and ambitions so this blog is going to be about the general musings, the frequent ranting but mostly the journey towards figuring out my thoughts and discovering my true passion in life. I guess the rest you’ll find out soon enough. So let’s start with the roller coaster ride, shall we ?  I’ll try not to be too scary.

Happy reading !


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