Heart and mind : friends or foes

Recently, I have had a lot time to be by myself. I have come to realize that there are a lot of ways in which this new phase is effecting me. This new phase is the phase of looking for a new job, for the next career step. And though this might sound like a step closer toward the accomplishment of personal and professional goals, it is replete with uncertainty and anxiety laced with a modest dose of hope. Each day begins with unique determination to explore all possible options and sending out applications. It doesn’t take long for the mind to escape the overwhelming chores and quickly find solace in the glamorous and the humerus. Promises are made to resume the work after that final episode but why does heart care of the petty promises of the mind. Heart deceives the mind. Blogging, writing, reading articles are made to appear like exercises to strengthen the mind. Mind falls for the ploy. It’s not all heart’s fault. The mind feels satiated, it feels nourished. But the attention soon goes back to the abandoned tasks. The heart wrenches in fear that the precious time is now lost. The mind tries to come up with solutions and excuses to calm the heart down. For letting down the soul, they both languish in regret and sorrow.

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