Monthly Archives: January 2015

How real can the dreams get

CFor the past few days I have noticed that I’ve had more dreams than I have in months together. And these are of a different kind too. They seem almost real and almost all of them I am in the company of people whom I  have never met. It’s like I am meeting new people like I would normally, but only this time they are all in my dream ! And these dreams are so detailed. For example I can almost hear my name for real when some calls me in the dream. Or how things smell around me. Usually I get dreams which are just a slight variation  or an extension of what I see come across in my real life but somehow I can not relate the dreams that I’ve been getting recently  with anything. It’s like I am living a different life in my dreams and to be honest, I don’t hate it. For instance, just last night I had this dream where in I was trying to help someone. It was a really shy kid who didn’t talk to people and because of this, nobody liked him. I got through to him somehow and though I didn’t try to change him, I made the world see that he was a good kid and suddenly everyone fell in love with him. I can’t believe this at all. The details of the story were still missing thought. Like, what exactly did I do to make people see the side of him that they didn’t before. But I do remember this scene where I was really frustrated trying to help this kid and was almost giving up on him when a person who at that moment sounded like a close friend whom I knew very well said something like ‘you’re doing good, you’re doing your best..don’t give up already’. I have never seen that person before. I kind of want to say he looked a bit like a young, handsome John Cusack, but I won’t cause it might get to his head. But I know one thing for sure, despite being said in a dream these words of comfort gave the most real sense of satisfaction and love. Words have immense power, more than we give them credit for. And I am not just talking  about ‘hateful words can hurt somebody’ power. I am talking about the opposite. If you love someone, let them know. Even if it is not needed. Even if you think you’re too cool to say it. Give a compliment to someone. Make someone’s day. Tell them what they’re working on looks good. If they’re in a dump, tell them they would make it out of it like a warrior princess/Hercules. It might sound lame and you probably are too lazy. But imagine what if you’re the chosen one who can reach out to someone and who can turn things dramatically around for someone. So I wouldn’t want to waste my time analyzing what my dreams mean, if they are a warning for something or if they want to tell me about something. I like it that they can be way more exciting and that the most unimaginable things can happen when we shut our eyes….to sleep…to live another life….to dream.